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What Does an Interior Architect Do?

What is the Department of Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture; A branch of architecture based on structural changes made to the interior of a building. Interior designers create and customize designs to meet the needs of a particular function, practical purpose or aesthetic preference.

Interior architecture and architecture are profession groups that are mixed quite a lot. Of course, interior architecture is a sub-branch of architecture, but the main problem here is that there is no other field called exterior architecture. To summarize briefly, while architects work on the exterior designs of buildings, interior architects work on the interior designs of buildings. A program that prepares individuals to apply architectural principles in structural interior design for living, leisure and business purposes and to function as professional interior designers. It includes architecture, structural system design, heating and cooling systems, business and safety standards, interior design, specific end-use practices, and professional responsibilities and standards.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Interior Architecture?

In order to become an interior architect, you need to graduate from one of the departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture or Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in the faculties of engineering and architecture. The education period of this undergraduate department is 4 years. It is possible to say that during this four-year education period, practical courses are predominant. In particular, you will be able to master 3D (3D) design.

What are the Courses of the Department of Interior Architecture?

If you complete your 4-year education in interior architecture, during this period;

Basic design,
Design Presentation,
Descriptive geometry,
History of Civilization from a Beauty Perspective,
Bill Calculation,
Construction and Design Technologies Internship,
Interior Architecture Workshop,
Technical Studies I: Structure and Material,
Design History,
Conservation and Restoration Principles

It means that you will be responsible for many lessons and so on.

What Do Interior Architecture Graduates Do?

Interior architects can work on the interior design of any type of residence.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Department of Interior Architecture?

Competent individuals who have the title of interior architect;

In architectural offices,
In building-decoration companies,
In construction companies,
In white goods companies,

They can find their own workspace. Apart from all these, interior architecture graduates can create their own workspaces and do their own business.